Manager සිංහලෙන්

Cloud Accounting Software is useful only when Fixed Assets Register, Payroll, Multi-currency functionality, Inventory tracking and VAT functionality are available to meet the audit, tax and commercial requirements.

Software selection, therefore, is a key decision for your continuing success and for cost effective regulatory compliance. With all above features, Manager comes to you and we would like to work with you in our capacity as the sole Reseller of Manager in Sri Lanka.

If you are keen on working with someone who has worked extensively on Manager and other high-end Accounting and ERP systems and possesses wide industry knowledge as a big-four firm auditor, business advisor, tax consultant and financial controller of multi-national companies, you can reach us on 0773 661 382 or [email protected].

We have been using Manager from 2019 and our relationship as a user, trainer and idea provider has been strengthening over the period. You will understand that our relationship gives you a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout.

Why ATMC prefers Manager?

ATMC work with a motto of serving the poor to be the rich and not to make the rich the poor. Accordingly, we were always looking for an accounting software which is par with or better than popular software used in Sri Lanka, because all of them are either expensive for small businesses or complex to their level of understanding. In our search, we found Manager software is far better in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and in terms of facilities included in it.

Some of these facilities are separately charged by other software or not available in them. That means, after purchasing them, most businesses have to by other components separately or work extensively on Excel. For examples, one popular in Sri Lanka does not have Fixed Assets Register and Payroll Facility. Another has them but at a separate cost. One more thing is it has a SUMMARY which shows you all decision-worthy information for real time decision making.

There is one more reason too. Most of Sri Lankans learn software in class rooms by paying hard-earned money. However, at interviews, they are unable to answer confidently when the question is on another software. For example, if they have learnt XYZ and question was asked on similar software but with a different name, their day is finished and money spent is wasted. This has been a worrying experience for me as someone who has been interviewing many for different positions for local and international jobs. With this software, we can show them how to tackle that question confidently even when the question is on SAP, Oracle, Navision or Tally, which are used extensively in the Middle-East.