Cloud Accounting Software is useful ONLY WHEN Fixed Assets Register, Payroll, Multi-currency functionality, Inventory tracking, and VAT functionality are available to meet the AUDIT REQUIREMENTS. Also, trustworthy delegation of task is required in today’s business environment since businesses have ample opportunities to diversify into different products, markets, or both.

Software selection is a KEY decision for your continuing success and for cost effective regulatory compliance as well.

Let’s see why ATMC is online.

ATMC has been in existence from 2013. However, until recently it did not have a reason to come online. The reason why it came online can be mentioned as ” to help strong minded business community to receive CONSISTANT financial management support”.

Accordingly, we are mainly focusing on providing day-to-day accounting support to ensure lessons learnt from difficulties in 2020 and in 2021 so far to be used to change your business positively.

In this effort, we use Cloud Accounting Software to minimize your cost of accounting, cost of losing money due to unorganized handling of debtors, suppliers and inventory in particular. When accounting records are not systematic, losses can happen even due to misappropriation of business assets such as cash, vehicles, stocks, and other movable properties in particular. Not only that, additional cost required to incur on getting new capital for working capital or business expansion or on due diligence requirements can increase disproportionately to related benefits.